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Get 21 Days of Life-Changing Kids Martial Arts Classes in Austin... Plus a FREE Uniform!... For Just $21!

“I can’t believe the difference.” Our amazing Kids Martial Arts program is offering classes here in Austin! Boosts your child’s focus, respect, confidence, and social skills… while they have FUN.

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My 7 year old daughter has been with Impact Martial Arts for almost 2 years, which in and of itself, says a lot. She's been through the Little Dragons program and now she is in black belt training. We couldn't be happier with, nor could we recommend Impact Martial Arts more. Greg Fisher is a fantastic teacher who has the perfect demeanor for his chosen profession. The kids LOVE him and respect him and most of all.... they are LEARNING skill, respect and discipline. Again... we couldn't recommend Impact Martial Arts more.

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So Much More Than Punches & Kicks. Changes Lives.

Martial arts is not just self defense. It’s a tool we use to help kids become leaders. Hundreds of Austin parents can’t believe the incredible transformation.

We wanted him to be self confident. We were hoping that, the self defense was sort of an extra which is nice for the Martial Arts. He's still very nice and caring, a lot of kids love him at school but the way he carries himself, there’s a little bit more assertiveness.

kid training in martial arts

Help Your Child Set Positive Goals

It is important for each child to learn to set short-term, intermediate and long-term goals.

At Impact Martial Arts every child’s goal is the Black Belt. Black Belt is a symbol of excellence in martial arts and an important tool for instructors and parents to use for developing desire, tenacity and for teaching the importance of follow-through in any activity.

So, I just wanted to make my kid stronger and be confident as he was not very good in physical activities. I've seen a lot of improvement for sure because he used to be like really lazy most of the time and I’d ask him to just go out and play and he would just say no, he’d just rather read the books or play on computers. But now, I see the difference for sure. He’s very active now.


Get 21 Days of Life-Changing Kids Martial Arts Classes in Austin... Plus a FREE Uniform!... For Just $21!

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Martial Arts

We find that our students become more confident to stand up to bullies and have more humility and kindness to others through their martial arts lessons. Karate is for self defense.

We encourage parents to watch their children in their kids martial arts lessons.  We love parents getting involved!  And so do their kids.  Even better… join into some of our martial arts classes for adults.   Your kids will love that you have something in common.  It will build a strong family bond!

Additionally, if you wanted some ‘me-time’?  Simply drop them off, and go grab a coffee.  They will greet you with a huge smile when you return, because they had SO much fun!

No, not at all!  We find that people start at varying fitness levels. But, you will find that you do get fit by doing our Austin martial arts classes.  Isn’t that the point though? A fun workout that gets results!

Truthfully, the journey to Black Belt is an individual one.  Everyone can progress at a different pace.  There is no judgement on students for how long it does take.  What we can tell you, is that it is SO WORTHWHILE! 

The self defense skills you will master can truly be life-saving!
However, the other benefits of striving for Black Belt, like perseverance, never giving up, commitment and self discipline lead to life-long success.

You will find that your instructors at Impact Martial Arts in Austin are dedicated to helping you on your journey to Black Belt or whatever your personal goal may be.

When parents take their kids to appointments – normally the parent has to run around and do everything in their power to get their children to the appointment on time.

“Hurry up!” they shout, “We’ll be late!” (How many times have you said this?); but with martial arts, something fascinating happens… Often the children are the ones yelling these things! They don’t want to be late, and they never want to miss a class.

In fact, I know of many parents who use martial arts as an incentive to get chores done. If the kids are good, do their chores, and do their homework – they get martial arts as a reward.  That’s because your child will have a ton of fun. They’ll be laughing and smiling throughout the entire class and because your child will  constantly be setting and reaching goals – he’ll want to stick with the program.

Think of the different martial arts as brand names, or flavors. They are more similar than they are different. All of these styles, in the end, have the same main goals of self defense, personal improvement, and health.

We do only have a certain amount of space in our martial arts training area.  To take advantage of our limited time offer…. The fastest way is to fill in the form. 

Additionally, you can always call us, we would love to chat with you about what we do, and if our Austin martial arts classes would be a great fit for you and your family!

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes you can do sport in!  Not really suitable to practice kicks in a skirt.😳

Be sure to bring a water bottle to your martial arts classes.  You will find Impact Martial Arts in Austin has martial arts classes for kids and adults that are a great workout and lots of fun!  Most students are grinning from ear to ear by the end of the class.  I am sure you will be too!

Not at all.  In fact, many students starting in our adult martial arts classes would describe themselves like that before they started.  So you will fit right in!

Give yourself some time, and you will be astounded at how much you improve!  You’ll find that our very experienced martial arts instructors, are trained to keep their teaching simple.  So even the most uncoordinated person will develop ‘ninja-like’ skills!  Come see for yourself!

We have programs for kids who are 3 years old all the way to teenagers. And we even have programs for adults.

So to be honest – every age is appropriate. No child is too young or too old. We have a class that fits just right.

Martial Arts is for everyone! All children benefit from martial arts because it works their growing bodies in new ways, lets kids vent pent up energy from the day (especially after a long day at school!), and helps them build positive body confidence.

We’ve seen wallflowers absolutely bloom in our classes as the children work together and cheer each other on!

Qualified instructors and staff make sure no one gets hurt and that all children learn in a positive, uplifting environment. No matter what their background or starting level is.

I’ve had children come to my program for years without ever obtaining a single injury.  This is actually the case with most children.  Have children gotten injured in my martial arts class? Yes, some have. But the injuries were no different than those which kids who play baseball and other sports get.

In the words of a parent I recently spoke with, “The instructors pay attention to detail when it comes to safety.”

From padded floors, to proper gear, to step-by-step instruction – we do everything in our power to ensure your child’s safety. I can’t guarantee your child won’t be injured – but I can tell you that almost no children receive injuries in my program, and that’s because we take your child’s safety very seriously.

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